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healing with horses

Family Counseling Services is pleased to announce a partnership with Thousand Hearts Horse to provide equine assisted learning.

Sometimes spending time with a horse is just what you need when you need some healing. A horse will offer unconditional acceptance and will always be free of judgment. Thousand Hearts Horse offers opportunities for individuals, families and groups where you can grow in confidence, strengthen relationships, develop boundaries, and deepen character. It is a place to learn healing through horsemanship.

Thousand Hearts Horse provides a safe and nurturing environment for both the people who visit and the animals that live there. Over a dozen horses, a handful of mama cows, a pack of friendly farm dogs, and a miniature donkey are eagerly waiting to meet you. Time here will refresh you and give you a new perspective.

FCS is independent of Thousand Hearts Horse. Sessions are provided by an Equine Assisted Learning Coach. Sessions are NOT provided by Licensed Professional Counselors.

Thousand Hearts Horse is located northwest of Levelland, TX.



Call Diane (512)940-8810

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To meet the horses, visit HAPHEO rescues horses who need a home. Thousand Hearts Horse and HAPHEO work together to provide healing for both people and horses.

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