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We are a 501-C-3 Corporation located in Lubbock, Texas. We offer a broad array of counseling and educational services to Lubbock and the surrounding areas. We have counselors who are LPC's, LPC-Associates, and Master's Level Interns from the local universities. All counselors set their own appointments. To request an appointment, click on the SIGN UP TAB or email Your information will be reviewed and if we have any questions, we will reply via email to your submission. Then a counselor will call you to set an appointment.


We provide individual, family, marriage, and group counseling services. You can choose your price point based on what you can afford. LPC's are $75 per session, LPCA's are $20 per session, and the Master's Level Interns are free. For more information about your choices, click on the COUNSELORS Tab. The only insurance we take is Medicaid. You may select in-person sessions or zoom sessions for the LPCA's and the Master's Level Interns. Our LPC's offer in-person only with a few, select exceptions. 



Family Counseling Services started in 1954.  In 2002, seeing the needs of the community, FCS expanded its services.  We have grown our services over 400% and constructed a new facility in 2010.

Day after day, Bryan and Brad worked with pick axes and a huge dumpster to remove the chunks of discarded concrete, overgrown weeds, and litter to make way for the construction of the new Family Counseling Services facility on the corner of 57th and P, Building 9 in the Briercroft Office Park.

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