Family Counseling Services

Serving Individuals, Couples, and Families in Lubbock

Licensed Professional Counselors

We have a wide variety of counselors available to meet your needs and see clients who have a wide range of counseling issues.  All of the counselors are well-trained and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Bryan Moffitt, Executive Director, JD, MBA, MEd, LPC, Ph.D.

Bryan has worked in the counseling field since 1992 and has been in management since 1998. His areas of work are in individual counseling, couples counseling, and in creating access to services for the public. He teaches in the counseling program at Wayland Baptist and at ENMU. Bryan is currently not taking new clients.

Brad Stiggers, LPC

Brad is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor. Brad enjoys working with adults, adolescents, and families coping with a variety of issues. He deals with PTSD, career counseling, addiction, and sexual abuse. Brad also runs the weekly Anger Management, Domestic Violence, and Life Skills groups. He schedules appointments M-F 4:30-9:30 p.m. and Sat. and Sunday 9-5.

Margie Martinez, LPC

Margie is a Spanish-speaking Licensed Professional Counselor who works with individuals, children, adolescents, families, and couples.  She deals with PTSD, sexual abuse, addiction, parenting, career, and general mental health issues and can provide faith-based counseling, as well. She is available 3-7 p.m. M-F.

Jonathan Byrd, LPC

Ramona Gayle Jefferson, LPC

Christian Enevoldsen, LPC

Terri Beard, LPC

Keith Rivers, LPC

Keith sees adults, children, families, and couples. He works with veterans, PTSD, LGBT, parenting issues, careers, and addiction, as well as general mental health issues. He is available after 5 M-F and Sat 9-4.

Shari Sawyer, LPC

Shari sees adults, children, families, and couples.  She works with a wide variety of mental health issues. She is available after 5 and on weekends.


We have an average of 8 LPC-Interns at any given time. These counselors have completed a Master’s degree in counseling and are working on accumulating 3000 hours towards licensure as a LPC.  Most of these counselors are available after 5; however, it is possible that some will be available 8-5, as well.

Master’s Level Counseling Interns

We have an average of 15 of these interns at any given time.  These counselors are working on their Master’s degree in counseling at Texas Tech, Wayland Baptist, LCU, or another university.  These counselors are available 9 a.m. -9 p.m.

All of our counselors set their own appointments.